Police disrupt Sinaloa cartel operations in Ecuador

09 de mayo de 2013 13:19

Raids on four properties in Santa Rosa and Machala (El Oro province) have put a dent in the Sinaloa cartel’s drug trafficking operation in Ecuador, say police. 

The international crime syndicate uses Ecuador’s ports to ship drugs via the Pacific Ocean to Mexico.

Police Chief Gral. Rodrigo Suárez says nine arrests have been made. Four of those arrested are Mexican citizens, directly linked to the cartel. Four are women.

Police confiscated $276,000, 457 kilos of cocaine, two pick-up trucks, and several cell phones during the raids.

The investigation led law enforcement to a ranch in Santa Rosa that was being used as a distribution point.

Police say this was the group responsible for the Green Onion yacht, spotted on May 2 near the Galápagos Islands on its way to Central America transporting 4 kilos of drugs. The yacht was flying a Mexican flag. It outstripped the Ecuadorian coast guard in the water, but was followed in international waters by the DEA and the USCGC Steadfast .

The Green Onion’s crew lit their boat on fire off Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They were rescued from the sea by the U.S. Coast guard’s crew.

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