Crime rates rise in Guayaquil

15 de abril de 2013 11:35

In seven out of ten common categories, crime rates in Guayaquil have spiked. 

The OSCG (Guayaquil Citizen’s Safety Observatory) released data for the first trimester of 2013 that shows that there was a significant rise in crime rates in specific categories. The number of armed robbery complaints have almost doubled, compared to the same period last year.

In Jan-Feb-March 2013, there were 2,494 reported armed robberies. During the same months in 2012, there had been 1,481 reported armed robberies.

Police say the problem area is the north of Guayaquil. Robberies in Florida, Martha de Roldós, San Felipe, Mapasingue and Juan Montalvo are becoming more frequent. An area police commander says there are three community police stations in this area, and six patrol zones policed 24 hours a day.

Rates of crime in the following categories went up: armed robbery, intimidations/threats theft, home burglary, vehicle burglary, assault, commercial burglary.

The rate of vehicle thefts, fraud and breach of trust went down.

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